Here's my lovely Keeper of the Moon, E'lantaa Amariyo. (Sorry, but my subscription is dead.)

Ok, before we start off, let me say that the are a few types of people who decide to swap genders when it comes to MMOs. 1) there are the perverts, 2) those who feel more comfortable playing as the other gender (whether they're homo or hetrosexual), 3) those who role-play (who come with their own reasons which I won't really dive into), and 4) the etc. people (there's always outliers). Personally, I'm a mix of all of them. (Thanks teenage-hormones!)

Anyways, most of my life I've been (I don't know) enamored by the female sex. I used to play with Barbies with my little sister (come on, you did too), and whenever I played video games that had multiple characters with different play-styles, I almost always ended up picking a female due to me preferring speed, agility, and/or wits/magical power over brute strength. (Which I semi-recently noticed is how I approach things in life.) Things stayed that way until the day came where a lot of games started coming out with pallet swaps of the same character.

At first I didn't really notice. But as I slowly started adding more games to my roster, I started to be able to pick out in which games gender choice didn't really matter. Then teenage-hormones kicked in, which needn't be explained, and things got sad. "Why am I really playing this as a female, for the looks?" I had to ask myself that a few times while playing some games, but whenever I started over as a male, something felt off. Maybe it's because they're almost always hulking brutes and look and act nothing like me. Maybe it's because less attention and care is put into them. Hell if I know.

As you can see here, I made another character for FFXIV:ARR that is as close to me as I could get. He's still too chiseled.


So I sort of gave up on trying to make/play as male characters, and just accepted the fact that until game devs realize girls play games, they're not gonna realized I just want to look like me.

As time went on and I started to play MMOs (most notably Vindictus and FFXIV:ARR), I started to realize my personality was slightly changing. Now, I have always been a gentle soul, but playing as females somewhat buffed that trait, and also my remarks started getting snappier, and my overall personality started to get a little bubbly. In a way, playing as females made my heart a little less colder. It's wonderful, and once I get going, I can't stop smiling.

So what do you guys think? Have you ever genderbent? Want to? Know someone else who did/does? Let me know in the comments.


(Where's the Depression Quest review, you say? I don't know, in my head? :-P)